Who we are

IRIS Contemporary Space

At IRIS Contemporary Space, we pride ourselves on being more than just a traditional art gallery. We are a platform for featuring events that are usually site-specific, primarily involving experimental and non-traditional formats of art exhibitions. We aim to challenge the status quo of the art world and provide a space for emerging and established artists to showcase their work freshly and excitedly.

Founded in July 2021, IRIS Contemporary Space has quickly become a go-to destination for contemporary art enthusiasts. Our main focus is on commissioning works for specific projects, whether private or public. Our team of experts has played a key role in helping private collectors, interior designers, and property developers source the best art pieces for their projects. From contemporary paintings and sculptures to installations and multimedia works, we offer a wide range of art that is sure to inspire and delight.

In addition to showcasing art, we also provide consultancy services for clients who want to build their collections over time for aesthetic and investment purposes. Our team of experts will work closely with private individuals to curate their collections and provide personalised advice on acquiring the best pieces.

At IRIS Contemporary Space, we are committed to fostering creativity and innovation in the art world. Whether you’re an artist, collector, or art enthusiast, we invite you to join us on our mission to push the boundaries of contemporary art and make a lasting impact on the art world.

About The founder


Sahar Seyedjafar, the dynamic Founder and Owner behind Iris Contemporary Space. With a diverse background in architecture, and fashion design, and a deep passion for visual arts, Sahar has carved her unique path in art.

Initially studying architecture at Tehran Azad University, Sahar’s creative journey led her to explore the realms of fashion design in Tehran. However, her true calling emerged when she delved into the captivating world of contemporary art. Eager to deepen her knowledge, Sahar dedicated herself to studying the History of Contemporary Art in Tehran, solidifying her expertise and refining her artistic sensibilities.

With her profound understanding of art and a growing passion for curating and consulting, Sahar leapt to establish her own creative space – Iris Contemporary Space. With locations in Tehran and Dubai, the gallery became a beacon for art enthusiasts, showcasing the works of emerging talents and renowned artists.

Sahar’s role as an Art Director further allowed her to shape the gallery’s identity, infusing it with her distinctive vision and expertise. Her keen eye for art direction and ability to create captivating experiences have been pivotal in positioning Iris Contemporary Space at the forefront of the contemporary art scene.

Driven by a deep commitment to artistic expression, Sahar’s mission is to create a space that celebrates creativity, challenges conventions, and fosters creative growth. Her dedication to supporting emerging talents and connecting artists with collectors and enthusiasts has driven the gallery’s success.

Step into Sahar’s world at Iris Contemporary Space and experience the culmination of her passion, expertise, and artistic vision. Through the gallery, Sahar invites you to discover the beauty and innovation of contemporary art, while also providing a platform for artists to showcase their unique perspectives.

Join Sahar Seyedjafar on this captivating artistic journey as she continues to shape the art landscape, creating a space where imagination knows no bounds and art takes centre stage.