Unveiling the Treasures of Persian Art:
Iris Contemporary Space at WOPART

In November 2021, Iris Contemporary Space made its debut at the sixth edition of the renowned WOPART art fair in Lugano, Switzerland. As a gallery dedicated to showcasing the beauty of Persian and Oriental art, our participation in this prestigious event allowed us to bring the intricate details and vibrant colours of traditional Persian paintings, known as “Miniature,” to a global audience.

At WOPART, Iris Contemporary Space proudly represented four talented Persian artists, each with their unique artistic vision:

1. Amirnaser Akhlaghi: Amirnaser’s artworks transport viewers to a world of poetic narratives and rich symbolism. His masterful use of colours and meticulous attention to detail create captivating and mesmerizing compositions.

2. Azarakhsh Farahani: Azarakhsh’s artworks reflect his deep appreciation for Persian culture and heritage. His pieces are characterized by intricate patterns, harmonious colours, and a profound sense of spirituality.

3. Mehrdad Khataei: Mehrdad’s artworks invite viewers to explore the intersection of traditional Persian art and contemporary aesthetics. With a fusion of traditional techniques and modern elements, his works exude a sense of innovation and cultural dialogue.

4. Mojtaba Taghvaei: Mojtaba’s artworks capture the essence of Persian art through his distinct style and meticulous craftsmanship. His pieces showcase a harmonious blend of traditional motifs and contemporary interpretations.

Through our participation at WOPART, Iris Contemporary Space aimed to showcase the depth and beauty of Persian art, bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary artistic expressions. We were honoured to present these talented artists and their exceptional artworks to an international audience, creating a cultural exchange and fostering a deeper appreciation for the rich artistic heritage of Persia.