IRIS Contemporary Space represented three Iranian young Female Artists.

In September 2022, Iris Contemporary Space took part in the prestigious annual art fair, WOPART, held in Lugano, Switzerland. With a dedicated focus on “Work on Paper,” our participation in this event showcased the immense talent of female artists and shed light on the unique challenges they face in their lives. We were honoured to have the esteemed artist, Sharmin Dalvand, as a partner in this project.

At the fair, Iris Contemporary Space proudly represented three exceptional Iranian young artists: Hediyeh Khanali, Negar Zonoobi, and Marjan Ghorbani.

Hediyeh Khanali, with her background in painting and a wealth of artistic expertise, presented four captivating prints on paper that demonstrated her exceptional skill and profound artistic vision.

Negar Zonoobi, a talented graduate in painting, showcased six mesmerizing artworks at the fair. Her mixed media creations on paper truly captivated the audience, reflecting her unique artistic style and depth of expression.

Marjan Ghorbani, a rising star in the art world, presented five stunning mixed-media artworks on paper. Her pieces effortlessly combined various artistic elements, creating thought-provoking and visually captivating compositions.

By showcasing the works of these talented Iranian artists, Iris Contemporary Space aimed to not only promote their exceptional talent but also contribute to a broader dialogue surrounding female artists and their experiences. We are proud to have been part of this remarkable event and to have provided a platform for these artists to share their stories through their remarkable works on paper.